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Technical aspects of model railroading

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Wiring part 1 : Basic rules

The wiring is a very important step in the realization of a model railroad.
This hidden face of our activity is sometimes quite wrongly neglected.
Model railroading is a very technical hobby and requires some knowledge of basic electrical otherwise we may be very disappointed.
January 13, 2011

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Wiring part 2 : Turnouts

The wiring of the turnouts is relatively simple if we follow some basic rules
of good practice. . . !
However, there are a few tips to facilitate the maintenance.
January 17, 2011

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Wiring part 3 :  DCC and districts occupancy detection

The DCC wiring includes the definition of the districts, the connection between the main bus and the secondary bus ( district bus), the district occupancy detection,
the XpressNet communication bus, etc.. . .

January 19, 2011

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Wiring part 4 :  Infrared trains detection

The trains detection by means of current detector is not always possible
or not very accurate.
To overcome this problem, here is a detection system based on an infrared barrier
as the one used it in remote control for HI-FI or TV.
March 04, 2011

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Wiring part 5 : Printed Circuit Boards     new

The PCB are used to make mini series of current detectors,
infrared detectors and other circuit useful to our layout.
Their manufacture is relatively simple and cheap but it's important to choose
the good chemical products and follow a few rules of good practice.
March 18, 2011

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